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Ford and Walmart Partnership to Reduce Dealership Usage

I just read an article on Car and Driver that it is still taking me a bit of time to process. Maybe I’m getting slow in my old age, arghhh.

Walmart and Ford Help Car Buyers Steer Clear of Dealerships – was if anything an interesting read.

The article first points out the obvious – and that Ford paid people some good money to do a survey to find out that 83% of people want to spend less time in stealerships, I mean dealerships.

This statement – well, I have to say is really obvious. What the survey didn’t say was why people don’t like spending time in the dealerships.

You know, I think it is because everyone who works at Ford no longer has to go a dealership to buy a car. My family has bought two cars in the past three years. The problem is not the place of the dealership. It is not even the car salespeople. It is the “Finance Manager” – who came in both times with a hard sell for everything that wasn’t the car. “Nitrogen”, “Extended Warranty”, and who knows, maybe they will bring back “undercoating”.

I don’t want to see this person. You have after products you want to potentially sell? Give me a sheet of paper with a grid. Name of product, description of production, cost of product and a check box or two. You know what, not a piece of paper. Screw paper. A tablet. And every time I add something or remove it update the price and the payment per month.

And do us all a favor and fire all the “Finance Managers” at all the stealerships and make something that should be enjoyable as buying a new or new to me car – be just that – enjoyable.

Or you know what – people might welcome renting driverless cars instead of every owning a car again and your car sales functions at the dealerships can go suck it. I mean be unemployed.

Ford Returns to Buttons

In this Motor Trend article the concept is about Ford returning to the usage of buttons – with continued use of touch screens.

The problem is that the rapid changes coming to cars are trends – as the name of the magazine is stated – Motortrend.  It isn’t about design and ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Touch screens are great – in handheld devices where your eyes are on the device.  TPKoC used the buttons in his old 1992 Honda Civic as markers as to what to touch and where to touch it.

The touch screen integrated cars – you have to take your eyes off the road to ensure that you are touching the right item on the screen.  Bad design and unsafe for drivers.

Ford is doing the right thing by returning to buttons.  The tactile response of reaching for a button and feeling it without ever taking your eyes off the road is far more efficient and safe than reaching and then looking to see if you touched the right thing on a touch screen.

Touch screens have been a boon for car manufacturers.  They charge more – and their costs have gone down because they removed a large number of buttons from the command consoles of cars.

Now, to go back to the drawing board and do it right.