2009 Mini JCW Clubman – First week in Review

Pieces of Eight me hearties – feels like platinum to drive this car.

Well, no, honestly, but it is damned good.

TPKoC (The Pirate King of Cars) loves driving this car so much that he nearly drove a thousand miles – starting miles 37040 – current miles – 38010!


TPKoC popped the clutch once late Monday and apparently one of the air intakes for the turbo were knocked loose.  The symptoms were unsteady idle.  Mates – TPKoC was ready to return the car and say “Never again” to used cars.

But no, a quick trip to the dealer and they were able to fix it quickly with no muss.  Paid for oil change and spark plug replacement of $300, though.  It is a new to me car and those didn’t seem like demanding TPKoC walk the plank…

Figuring out some of these buttons might take a bit of time – especially the fog light button.  Sometimes it lights the top, sometimes it lights the bottom, sometimes it lights both, but I can’t figure out how to make it do what?  Right now, it seems I can turn the top fog light on and off with relative alacrity…

Found out from friends on the web that you should warm the car up before setting off and this will hopefully save wear and destruction on the turbos.  Also, apparently, good practice to let the car idle for a minute or two before shutting it off.

Methinks TPKoC can handle that; however, he is sure used to just starting and going or stopping and walking away with most modern cars.  Not such a horrible thing, though, for having such a hot car!

While the onboard electronics have determined my mpg to be 28.9, using math and looking in to the air in the hopes of inspiration TPKoC has determined that the car got slightly better than 30 mpg for the second tank of gas.  This is dead-on similar to the mpg in TPKoC’s old Corolla, with a lot less fun to be had in that Corolla.

The 2009 (coincidentally) Corolla was so mundane it was helping to make TPKoC a boring person.

Now, TPKoC just wants to drive his JCW places and take pictures of it.