A Cure for Cancer

It is a common concept that pharmaceutical companies will not research and find a cure for cancer. This common concept is also extended by indicating that the pharmaceutical companies have large control over the rest of the medical establishment and that there is a conspiracy to not find a cure for cancer.

This is all completely false or if true is an entire industry acting on incorrect premises.

Businesses operate to make money.  However, typically businesses don’t make all their money at once.  Businesses look for stability and growth.

Pharmaceutical companies make money by selling medicine and they make a lot of money on cancer drugs.  While surviving cancer statistics are improving the type of money being made by selling cancer drugs tends to be parasitic and eventually the host dies and there is no more money to be made.

However, if there is a cure (or cures) for cancer then the host/patient lives – for unknown DECADES of life.  What does this host/patient need during those years?  You got it, drugs.

Who knows what other maladies might exist that we’ll need medicines that will keep the pharmaceutical companies going and making lots of profit.  Don’t forget the huge market for appearance, aches, pains and age reversing drugs.  More profit than these companies will ever get from short term sales of cancer drugs.

The longer people live the more they will purchase vehicles.  The person that bought 5 new cars over 5 or 6 decades will buy 20 cars in 10 to 20 decades.  In the end all businesses have a vested interest in people living longer or indefinitely if possible.  Malthus was wrong when he wrote An Essay on the Principle of Population and he continues to be wrong.  In later essays TPKoC will prove it.