Governmental Ignorance

The people that govern the citizens of the USA are ignorant as shown by this law.  It is a law that basically outlaws any device that can be networked and play gambling software.  Therefore every computer, every smartphone and some cars are illegal (And TPKoC’s TV which has internet access).

Good thing TPKoC doesn’t live in Florida.  The TV and my computer are not going anywhere.

Every day brings change to our world.  Somehow, people expect the governmental structures created over 200 years ago based on governmental structures going far in to the past to be sustainable in the present and the future.

There are no real requirements for education level of elected members of our government.  There is no general or scientific test for our elected members of government before they can take the oath of office or even become a candidate for office.  Science literacy is generally poor in the United States of America; therefore, science knowledge on the governing members of our society is poor.

Democrat or Republican it makes no difference, mates.  These poor slobs are slaves due to their ignorance.  Corporations can easily manipulate these people as they have no idea what the companies are talking about.  Hoping for public opinion they choose to go after online gambling.  It seems so safe.  Get the bad guys and be proud of the one or two things you actually voted for this year.

These poor ignorant fools have made all computers and networks illegal in Florida.  There was no technical review by a group of technical oriented people.  There is little to no technical knowledge in the elected governmental officials.  It is a recipe for problems.