Why The Pirate King of Cars and other useful sites

Are there not enough web sites on the topic of cars?  Why create another?

Well, me hearties, The Pirate King of Cars believes there is more to offer in terms of information available about cars – but it is hidden like me treasure chest.  (Do people even use treasure maps anymore? Or is it all just Geocaching?)  Me and the crew are just getting started but over time we’ll be showing off our data and what it tell us – and you about cars.

Shit stinks and wafts in the air, but goes unseen even though it is in the ground by your feet.  The data is out there to tell us about this stench, but sometimes it takes a pirate to see a trick.

A lot of sites out there are great and don’t misinform; however, they all have weak points and The Pirate King of Cars views this site as an enhancement.  Even a small expansion on a weakness of one site is helpful to aid a pirate on their journey to find their next new car.

Specific NOTE: This website has not taken any money from any site to be featured in the car information links.  These are car resources that The Pirate King of Cars or his crew have found and found useful, dreadful or just exist across the web.

Second NOTE: If you find a site out there and like it and want The Pirate King of Cars to take a look and reveal his thoughts – let us know – leave a comment on any posting and we’ll check it out.

Final NOTES: The focus of The Pirate King of Cars (TPKoC!) is on new cars.  These cars have the most easily accessible information on the web where it can then be analyzed.  We are grateful to any helpful hints anyone has to offer on our website.  Let us know – and we’ll see what we can do.