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Excellent JCW mini vs GT86 Comparison!

TPKoC loved watching this video!

It isn’t because the guy sounds like he’s coughing up a lung.  It is only a different language – so turn on the closed captioning and watch.

The Pirate King does wonder though, if there is one or two of him…

Autoblog ist gut!  (Not really sure if that’s correct, but it looks like it!)

2009 Mini Cooper John Cooper Works Clubman – 0001

Driving a car and driving a Mini Cooper are two completely different experiences.  Muscle memory indicating where controls are and how they behave should pretty much be thrown out the window.

There are so many good things about the car that little problems with the controls are not really an issue.  So far, this car starting with 37,000 miles – drives like a new car.

TPKoC’s Car JCW Clubman

The Pirate King of Cars... Car ;)

The Pirate King of Cars… Car 😉

This is TPKoC’s first ‘real’ car.  Mini Cooper “John Cooper Works” Clubman.  This car has acheived a ‘nod’ from a Porsche driver on the highways of New Jersey.

Will be giving updates on how the car lasts, performs, detailed pics at locations and video explanations on how things work in this very different car.