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Another excellent (free) still image graphics program is .  ( – NOT

This far exceeds the functionality in Paint in Microsoft Windows, but is still a free program created by an educational group.

Unlike Pixlr – you have to install this on your local machine and as it is called Paint.NET – it is written in Microsoft oriented Visual Studio.  So, it may not work for you pirates that live in Apple/Mac or Linux land.

Pixlr – Wonderful Graphics Editor Page

There are many useful tools in order to get a website going – creating icons and graphics in general. TPKoC knows, that the default software is Photoshop. Not all of us have the money to spend on incredible tools at an incredible price.
Pixlr is a graphics editor – which operates through your web browser. A zero install impact to your PC – other than tools and add-ins that you need to in browser to run the website itself.
TPKoC has only used this software a little, but found it to be mighty impressive. Depending on your needs it may be a quick solution to your static graphic needs.