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Top Gear U.K Gods – 3 who are 1

For educating the masses – and being the #1 factual show on Earth – and inspiring people’s interest in cars – such as TPKoC and finally, for being the Three stooges of Car -.  Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are the Car Gods – 3 who are one (no, not the father, son and holy ghost).

As proof of their eligibility as gods I quote Richard Hammond “I am a driving god!”  Clearly, he must be a god as who else would say such a thing.

We hope to honor our Car Gods.

Jeremy, James and Richard are the three who are 1 – they can possibly save us from mediocrity and becoming zombies.  Well, ok, if they make us laugh and do stupid things in cars, that’s enough, too.

Oh, it probably doesn’t hurt TPKoC’s wife and many women (and some men) find Richard Hammond adorable.