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Gilbert and Sullivan

No matter me pirate friends, what your thoughts are about musicals.  No matter your thoughts that old things cannot be relevant in the modern world.  Some things aren’t useful in the present and some thing are…   More on that when we get to the discussion on relativity.

There were lessons hidden in the humors of Gilbert and Sullivan, but sadly the things they wrote about are still valid lessons for today.  These lessons have a direct impact on car buying, cars and our society in general.

In later installments The Pirate King of Cars will go over some of these lessons – and their relevance to today.

I decree that everyone read the Pirates of Penzance or watch it or even, hell, go ahead and join a group and perform in it.  But also think on it…  And about our current economic situation.

Whatever it may say – the first document of the religion of the pirates is the Pirates of Penzance.  Hopefully, it is contradictory, paradoxical and contains just a grain of sense to comply with the requirements of religious documents.