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TPKoC’s Car JCW Clubman

The Pirate King of Cars... Car ;)

The Pirate King of Cars… Car ūüėČ

This is TPKoC’s first ‘real’ car. ¬†Mini Cooper “John Cooper Works” Clubman. ¬†This car has acheived a ‘nod’ from a Porsche driver on the highways of New Jersey.

Will be giving updates on how the car lasts, performs, detailed pics at locations and video explanations on how things work in this very different car.




CFCharities – Super Car Show

TPKoC (The Pirate King of Cars) and TPPoC (The Pirate Price of Cars – age 10) journeyed out to Pennsylvania to see Super Cars.

Unfortunately, there is a proper horde of children at the old Pirate Ship and the journey didn’t begin until late. ¬†Arriving at 2PM for a car show that ends at 4PM isn’t optimal. ¬†Alast, hopes to see the elusive Bugatti Veyron have been dashed, yet there was still plenty to be seen. ¬†Plenty that can’t be seen on a daily basis. ¬†Doing things and seeing things that you don’t see on a daily basis is the heart of being a pirate.

Driver’s were even getting in to their cars and driving away as we arrived. ¬†Twin Lotus supercar’s left as we arrived. ¬†Well, a supercar TPKoC could potentially afford isn’t really a supercar. ¬†Supercars should be like supermodels – utterly fascinating to look at and utterly unattainable.

$5 fee is certainly reasonable. ¬†We even bought a t-shirt. ¬†TPKoC hopes that the monies aren’t being taken by erm, pirates, and go to good causes.

TPKoC and TPPoC spent about an hour looking at the last of the Super Cars and taking pictures.  TPPoC will be making his own post with his own pictures and thoughts sometime soon!

We then took in some of the sights at the Warminster park, including a 2+ mile trail. ¬†There was a large centrifuge there that apparently would still astronauts out of ordinary human beings. ¬†A number of signs about the solar system and one of the largest play grounds we’ve ever seen.

In another bit of the parking lot we saw a bloke attempting to windsurf on roller blades. ¬†It wasn’t going so well while we were there.

This area, which turns out to be the birthplace of the steamboat, is very picturesque and seems like a nice area to hang out.

Enjoy the pictures!

Gilbert and Sullivan

No matter me pirate friends, what your thoughts are about musicals.¬† No matter your thoughts that old things cannot be relevant in the modern world.¬† Some things aren’t useful in the present and some thing are…¬†¬† More on that when we get to the discussion on relativity.

There were lessons hidden in the humors of Gilbert and Sullivan, but sadly the things they wrote about are still valid lessons for today.  These lessons have a direct impact on car buying, cars and our society in general.

In later installments The Pirate King of Cars will go over some of these lessons – and their relevance to today.

I decree that everyone read the Pirates of Penzance or watch it or even, hell, go ahead and join a group and perform in it.¬† But also think on it…¬† And about our current economic situation.

Whatever it may say Рthe first document of the religion of the pirates is the Pirates of Penzance.  Hopefully, it is contradictory, paradoxical and contains just a grain of sense to comply with the requirements of religious documents.