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Intersections are Death

Statistically, by far most fatalities in vehicles are caused by intersections.  You know where they are – certainly if you live in Northern NJ.  One area is in Clark, NJ just off the Garden State Parkway – Exit 135.

Not only are roads with large frequencies of intersections dangerous, but they are also highly stressful environments for drivers often making many decisions in a short period of time.  It should also be mentioned that these areas are very dangerous to pedestrians.

But with Google maps you can see these areas and zoom in.  You can look at it and envision a much safer, lower stress, orderly and even beautiful area.

In fact, even a single individual can utilize the resources at hand, a spreadsheet, Microsoft ICE, Blender 3D, Google Maps – to make such a vision take life – in terms of facts, images and description – that there should be no question that we should redesign how we design the areas where we live.  The areas design where we live determines how we live.  There isn’t any question that how we live – we all want that to be better.

Over the next two weeks I’ll use these tools to come up with a design that people would want to live – and businesses would want to make a reality and show it here.