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Well, me hearties – it seems everyone uses the web these days.  Cookies are a programmers term for unique values that recognize your session, your browser and help keep things going with your web pages.

It is required for websites to work and for this website, specifically to work.  The Top Gear websites have a few words on the topic, and so the Pirate King has followed the gods that are 3 who are one’s example and put a few words here.

Cookies can be used for good and for bad purposes.  Here, cookies on this site are only used to make the programs work appropriately.  If we get advertising up and running then there will be cookies with that as well.

Remember, (From the Pirates of Penzance)


No, Frederic, it cannot be. I don’t think much of our profession (piracy), but, contrasted with respectability, it is comparatively honest. No, Frederic, I shall live and die a Pirate King.