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The Pirate King of Cars (TPKoc) endeavors to deliver accurate information.  The primary goals of this site are to deliver news, opinions and the basis for car data research to aid the motorist that needs to purchase a new car.

Periodically, we collect information for auto manufacturer web sites.  Fat finger errors can happen.  Please tell us of any errors that you notice and we will correct them as soon as possible.

Also, note that time is a factor with pricing.  The Pirate King of Cars and his crew will be collecting car pricing information; however, some manufacturers change their prices on a quarterly basis (as was once described to me by a car salesman at a Honda dealership – although perhaps he just wanted to sell a car that day).

Potentially, this is a for-profit site.  The Pirate King of Cars and his crew take lots of pictures.  Whenever possible we remove the faces of people from the pictures we take.  If you see a picture with a clear face in it or your face in it – let us know and we’ll alter it to remove the face from the picture unless you give us explicit permission for your face to be on the website.


If we transgress legally, it is purely unintentional.  Let us know where we have transgressed and we will correct it.  What we do – is collect publicly available data to produce information to aid the motorist.  Big data not only benefit big business.  The Pirate King of Cars likes to think that data analysis is something we do well and will benefit everyone.